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An Integrated Solution of the Unified Communication System

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Balu N. Ilag, Ashok Hebbar

Balu N Ilag and Ashok Hebbar. An Integrated Solution of the Unified Communication System. International Journal of Computer Applications 181(43):50-52, March 2019. BibTeX

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The introduction of the enterprise-wide Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure has made it possible for a variety of services to be hosted on the IP network. An example of this service is the Unified Communications System (UCS). This service enables voice, video, and data to be transmitted over the internet standard on a single network. The improvement of virtualized computer systems allows ease of management of the various components linked to the Unified Communication System. For this reason, there is increased flexibility of the UCS components. The various parts at the data center have greatly helped in achieving a consistent, seamless, secure and highly-available telephony service over the enterprise network. In summary, the solution functions as follows; a part of the system and method relies on a data communication network forming a middle part of the distribution network. Telephone communication is usually used either for the earlier or later parts. The system for recovery can acknowledge Voicemail, E-mail, facsimiles and other message types by the one who has subscribed. Cisco Unified Communication system together with Microsoft's solution provides an integrated solution that has improved the efficiency of the business processes.


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UCS, Unified Communication System, UC application, IP