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Water Automation for Water Pump Controller using Android Application - Review

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Mazharul Islam Nayeem, Mahfida Amjad

Mazharul Islam Nayeem and Mahfida Amjad. Water Automation for Water Pump Controller using Android Application - Review. International Journal of Computer Applications 182(29):34-38, November 2018. BibTeX

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Water is the important natural resources that should be used more efficiently. In manual system, users are supposed to visit their water tank to check the water level. The uncontrolled use of water leads to wastage of water and it causes water scarcity. Water automation is a process which is an automatic system to use water. The basic idea of water automation is to ensure the proper use of water and reduce the human effort. It is used for different purposes such as irrigation in the agricultural land, water pump controlling, water usage monitoring, billing of water usage etc. in different places like household, agricultural land, industry, hotel etc. Researchers have implemented several water automation projects using android application considering water pump controller, water level detection, water billing with detection and control of water leakage. This research presented a survey of water automation system for water pump controller using android application.


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Water pump controller, Water automation for water pump controller, android mobile application, water usage, water level.