Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 31 (ISBN: 973-93-80899-60-5)

# Article Title
1 Earthing Transformer to Support the Normal Operation of the Power System at Failure of a Protection System
Authors : Yousuf Mohammad Younes, Abdul Ghani A. A
2 Study and Implementing K-mean Clustering Algorithm on English Text and Techniques to Find the Optimal Value of K
Authors : Sajid Naeem, Aishan Wumaier
3 A Computerized Analysis of Gender Linguistic Patterns as Reflected in the Jordanians’ Facebook Statuses: Lexical Items, Affect, Theme, Identity and More
Authors : Awni Shati Etaywe
4 Adaptability of SOA in IoT Services – An Empirical Survey
Authors : Saravana Balaji B, Amin Salih Mohamed, Chiai Al-Atroshi
5 Integration of Biometric based Authentication Mechanisms to Prevent ‘Shoulder Surfing’
Authors : Hardik Garg, Shibu Dubey, Shabnam Sharma
6 A Conceptual Survey of Sturucture, Security and Advantages in Virtual Private Network
Authors : Shubham Patni, Mayuresh Sambudas, Shabnam Sharma
7 IoT and its Issues
Authors : Yanish Sahu, Lalit Kumar, Shabnam Sharma
8 Review on Blockchain Technology
Authors : Shankar Pawar, Aditya Saraf, Sanket Parade, Shabnam Sharma