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Selecting Stakeholders for Requirements Elicitation in Agile Approach

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Laith Obidat

Laith Obidat. Selecting Stakeholders for Requirements Elicitation in Agile Approach. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(1):20-23, May 2021. BibTeX

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Requirement's elicitations are the main stage in software development because the next stages or phases depends on it. Agile approach reduces cost and time into software development. The main problem in agile approach is the communications between stakeholders and developers. In this paper we will answer question: How to select right stakeholders to enhance communications between stakeholders and developers through proposed model to select stakeholders in agile approach to achieve strong communication led to enhance software development in agile approach.


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Requirements Elicitation; Stakeholder selection; Agile.