Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Volume 183

Number 1

Editor's choice: Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Video of Natural Environment
Author : Silas Santiago L. Pereira, José E.B. Maia

Number 2

Editor's choice: Price Prediction in Railway Tenders using Machine Learning
Author : Pablo Garrido Martínez-Llop, Juan De Dios Sanz Bobi, Carlos Simancas Cuevas

Number 3

Editor's choice: A New Task Scheduling Algorithm based on Water Wave Optimization for Cloud Computing
Author : Dina A. Amer, Gamal Attiya, Ibrahim Ziedan, Aida A. Nasr

Number 4

Number 5

Editor's choice: N-ary Huffman Encoding using High-Degree Trees - A Performance Comparison
Author : Ioannis S. Xezonakis, Svoronos Leivadaros

Number 6

Editor's choice: Medical Data Classification using Machine Learning Techniques
Author : Koby Bond, Alaa Sheta

Number 7

Number 8

Editor's choice: Transgender Face Recognition using ROI based Convolutional Neural Network
Author : R. Bhuvaneswari, S. Ganesh Vaidyanathan

Number 9

Editor's choice: Detection of Myocardial Infarction in Electrocardiograms using Machine Learning
Author : Paulo Vinicius Masnik, Roberto Alexandre Dias, Mario De Noronha Neto

Number 10

Editor's choice: Fuzzy Approach to Regulate S-type Biological Systems
Author : Shinq-Jen Wu

Number 11

Number 12

Editor's choice: A Deep Learning Framework for Prediction of the Mechanism of Action
Author : Jingyuan Dai, Shahram Latifi

Number 13

Editor's choice: A Technique for Increasing Payload Capacity of RGB Images Steganography based on Mod Factor and Segmentation
Author : Mahmoud S. Abdelbar, Abdelmgeid A. Ali, M. Hasabala

Number 14

Editor's choice: Inter-Color Context Classifier for High Performance Lossless Bayer Image Compression
Author : D.A. Mitchell, H.B. Mitchell

Number 15

Number 16

Number 17

Editor's choice: Leveraging the Text Mining to Automate the Customer Helpdesk Systems
Author : Paramesh S.P., Shreedhara K.S.

Number 18

Number 19

Editor's choice: Assessing Search and Rescue Optimization based DNN Model for Streamflow Data Prediction
Author : Syed H. Hasan, Syeda Huyam Hasan, Syed Hamid Hasan, Salman Khalid

Number 20

Number 21

Number 22

Editor's choice: Memory Management via Ownership Concept Rust and Swift: Experimental Study
Author : Elaf Alhazmi, Abdulwahab Aljubairy, Ahoud Alhazmi

Number 23

Editor's choice: Question Expansion in a Question-Answering System in a Closed-Domain System
Author : Haniel G. Cavalcante, Jéferson N. Soares, José E. B. Maia

Number 24

Editor's choice: A Virtual-Lab Tool for Teaching the Fundamentals of a DC Motor-Generator Operation using Excel-VBA
Author : Cleber Gustavo Dias, Luiz Carlos Da Silva

Number 25

Number 26

Editor's choice: Characterization and Modeling of Supercapacitors Used for Hybrid Electric Energy Storage
Author : Mustapha Elyaqouti, Lahoussine Bouhouch

Number 27

Editor's choice: PIECC: Point Inversion algorithm for Elliptic Curve Cryptology to Secure IoT Data Communication
Author : Padmashree M.G., Arunalatha J.S., Venugopal K.R.

Number 28

Editor's choice: A Proposed Hybrid Approach for Developing Healthcare Information Systems
Author : Nesma El-Sokkary, Walaa Hussein El-Masry, Nagy Ramadan Darwish

Number 29

Editor's choice: Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Challenges and Directions
Author : Noble Arden Kuadey, Lily Bensah, Baidenger Agyekum Twumasi, Carlos Ankora, Gerald Tietaa Maale, Anthony Mawuena Kuadey

Number 30

Editor's choice: Implementation of K-Modes Clustering in Determining Traffic Accident Patterns
Author : Septyan Eka Prastya, Muhammad Zulfadhilah, Nurhaeni

Number 31

Editor's choice: Cross-Platform Relational Data Extraction Utilizing SQL Server (X-PRESS)
Author : Jimmy Z. Bantog, Luisito Lolong Lacatan, Mary Ann F. Quioc

Number 32

Editor's choice: ViNET Infrastructure Model for Internet Connectivity in the Scenario of Dhaka City
Author : Md Nakibul Alam, Md Abdullah Al Faruk, Rifat Tasnim Anannya, D.M. Shafin Ahmed

Number 33

Editor's choice: Therapy Bot: A Multimodal Stress/Emotion Recognition and Alleviation System
Author : Pradeep Tiwari, A.D. Darji

Number 34

Editor's choice: Transformer based Neural Joke Generator
Author : Taaha Kazi, Sameer Joshi, Steeve Kaitharath, Imran Ali Mirza

Number 35

Editor's choice: A Machine Vision for Automatic Hydrometers Calibration
Author : Jerri B. De Souza, Miréia Florêncio Maio, Peterson A. Belan

Number 36

Number 37

Editor's choice: Prediction of Stock Market Returns using LSTM Model and Traditional Statistical Model
Author : Seth Gyamerah, Dennis Redeemer Korda

Number 38

Editor's choice: Inverse Kinematics of SCARA Manipulator based on SFLA
Author : Duc Hoang Nguyen

Number 39

Editor's choice: Motion Image Deblurring using AS-Cycle Generative Adversarial Network
Author : Xiaoming Zhu, Lijun Yao, Fan Luo, Kejun Wang, Zhou Che, Jing Yan, Min Zhou, Yongchang Cai, Lingling Wang, Zelong Cao, Lan Peng, Fengqing Bai, Zifang You, Hongqiu Xiao, Haocheng Qi

Number 40

Editor's choice: Best Practices for Securing Financial Data and PII in Public Cloud
Author : Pankti Desai, Thaier Hamid

Number 41

Number 42

Editor's choice: GPU Implementation of Faber Schauder Discrete Wavelet Transform using CUDA
Author : Assma Azeroual, Karim Afdel

Number 43

Editor's choice: Graphical Processing Unit based Implementations of Crystal Identification Algorithms
Author : M. Sayed, A. Arafa, H.I. Saleh

Number 44

Number 45

Editor's choice: An Analytical Study of Cognitive Code-Level Object-Oriented Complexity Measures
Author : Dilshan I. De Silva, Saluka R. Kodituwakku, Amalka J. Pinidiyaarachchi

Number 46

Editor's choice: A Spectral Power based Index using Wavelet Analysis of EEG for Drowsiness Detection
Author : Yashwanth Vyza, Suman Dabbu, Malini Mudigonda

Number 47

Number 48

Editor's choice: Diagnosis of Bacterial Leaf Blight, Brown Spots, and Leaf Smut Rice Plant Diseases using Light GBM
Author : G.R.I.L. Jayasooriya, Samantha Mathara Arachchi

Number 49

Editor's choice: Identification of Paddy Leaf Diseases using Machine Learning Techniques
Author : Pemasiri S.S.B.P.S., Vidanagama V.G.T.N.

Number 50

Editor's choice: Object Detection in Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mining Environments using a Modified YOLOv4 Algorithm
Author : Akpah Sylvester, Alese Boniface Kayode, Yao Yevenyo Ziggah

Number 51

Editor's choice: Design and Build a Camera Directional Movement Control Device based on Sound Source Position Detection
Author : Ahmad Syarif Hidayat, Wahyu Kusuma Raharja

Number 52

Editor's choice: Development of Integrated System and Synchronization of Data Study Program with Higher Education’s External Quality Assurance System
Author : Antonius P.G Manginsela, Marike A.S. Kondoj, Maksy Sendiang, Muhammad K. Bakary

Number 53

Editor's choice: Geometric-inspired Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for Classification Tasks
Author : Enoch Opanin Gyamfi, Zhiguang Qin, Juliana Mantebea Danso, Daniel Adu-Gyamfi, Nelson Opoku-Mensah, Noble Arden Elorm Kuadey, Daniel Konin