Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Number 46 (ISBN: 973-93-80902-29-9)

# Article Title
1 A Spectral Power based Index using Wavelet Analysis of EEG for Drowsiness Detection
Authors : Yashwanth Vyza, Suman Dabbu, Malini Mudigonda
2 Short-Term Forecasting of Solar Irradiance using STL, Wavelet and LSTM
Authors : Vivek Vijay, Rakesh Kumar, Ashish Sharma, Abhishek Kumar
3 Survey in Novelty Search
Authors : Mahmoud Mohamed Nabil, Magdy Zakaria
4 Mobile Forensic on WhatsApp Services for Cybercrime Case using National Institute of Standards and Technology
Authors : Syahrul Khori Abrianto, Imam Riadi
5 Survival Analysis on Secured Data Communication in Cloud
Authors : S.L. Swapna, V. Saravanan
6 Email Forensic from Phishing Attack using Network Forensics Development Life Cycle Method
Authors : Zakiyaturrahma, Imam Riadi
7 Analysis of Local Area Network Performance using Quality of Service
Authors : Holan Rahmatullah Suhut Nadenggan, Imam Riadi
8 Prediction of Dengue Fever Outbreaks using Machine Learning Methods
Authors : Ponnada Akhil, A. Ajaya Kumar