Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Number 26 (ISBN: 973-93-80902-09-7)

# Article Title
1 Regular Generalized Gω-Closed Sets in Grill Topological Spaces
Authors : Amin Saif, Ahmed M. Al-Audhahi, Khaled M. Al-Hamadi
2 A Survey on methods of Trustworthiness towards Artificial Intelligence
Authors : Hiralal B. Solunke, Sonal P. Patil, Shital S. Jadhav
3 Characterization and Modeling of Supercapacitors Used for Hybrid Electric Energy Storage
Authors : Mustapha Elyaqouti, Lahoussine Bouhouch
4 Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Diseases from MRI Images using Image Processing and Machine Learning Approach
Authors : Vandana B.S., Sathyavathi R. Alva
5 Adaptive Five-State based Sensor Scheduling for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : P. Leela Rani, G.A. Sathish Kumar
6 Analysis of Emotion using Machine Learning on Social Media Platform
Authors : Sovit Nayak, Jugal Prasad Dutta
7 Crime Analysis in India with Interactive Visualization
Authors : Avani Vaishnav, Ayana Holla P., Aishwarya Vijaykumar Sheelvant
8 Future of Smart Learning with Mixed Reality
Authors : Vaibhav Goyal