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Number 15 (ISBN: 973-93-80901-97-9)

# Article Title
1 Text Summarization and Classification for Indian Language
Authors : Manasi Chouk, Neelam Phadnis
2 A Comprehensive Study on Novel Video Frame Interpolation Methods
Authors : Hrishikesh Mahajan, Yash Shekhadar, Shebin Silvister, Dheeraj Komandur, Nitin Pise
3 An Improvised Method for Process Synchronization using One Process Code and it’s Applications in Operating System
Authors : Shivankur Thapliyal, Renu Bahuguna
4 Text-to-Speech Recognition using Google API
Authors : Orlunwo Placida Orochi, Ledisi Giok Kabari
5 Analysis of Equalizer Performance against Bit Error Rate in Filter Bank Multicarrier System with AWGN and Multipath Channel
Authors : Mahdif Indiarto, Hartono Siswono
6 i-Kisaan
Authors : Harsh Kumar, Assad Mujawar, Priya Shetty, Srushtijadhav, Mrunal Fatangare
7 A Novel Model to Overcome Drawbacks of Present Cloud Storage Models using AES 256 CBC Encryption
Authors : Steve Boby George, Sanjay Jaimy, Sebin Jose, Edwin Daji, Agnel Antony
8 Study of Design Challenges and Potential Applications of Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Samarth Saxena, Nandani Raj, Kalyan Krishna Awasthi