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Digital Forensics in Cloud Computing

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Archit Kapur

Archit Kapur. Digital Forensics in Cloud Computing. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(18):10-13, July 2021. BibTeX

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For years, digital forensics has been used in computer crime investigations. It has changed and progressed in response to technological advances, and is currently entering a new phase as the concept of cloud computing is emerging. Cloud computing is a computing model that enables on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources from anywhere in the world (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services). In the field of digital forensics, the concept of cloud computing has produced unique obstacles. This research paper aims to investigate the digital forensics issues in the model of cloud computing and provide the necessary solutions, guidelines. Traditional digital forensics and cloud computing are also covered in depth.


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Digital Forensics, Cloud Computing, Security, Cloud Forensics