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Voice Controlled News Web Application with Speech Recognition using Alan Studio

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Aaditya Chaprana, Ranjeet Kumar, Ajay Saini, Akash Kumar

Aaditya Chaprana, Ranjeet Kumar, Ajay Saini and Akash Kumar. Voice Controlled News Web Application with Speech Recognition using Alan Studio. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(2):31-37, May 2021. BibTeX

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In this paper, a very fascinating proposition is presented, a new web-based service that is a fusion of the revolutionary new Alan Studio, News API and React. The proposed idea of the Voice Controlled Web Application provides a simplistic approach and ease to the user. The service provides all the components required for a user to be able to use voice and speech as a medium to find and look for news about his/her choice and the option to go through the news in a very concise or in very detailed manner. A voice-controlled system embedded in a web application

can enhance user experience and can provide voice as a means to control the functionality of e-commerce websites. The system also offers the ability to search news on the basis of preferred location, source, theme, and interest. The system provides a very user-friendly, easy to use, dynamic, and informative user experience. The system enables the user to have the ability to not only stay informed and updated but that too by using one of the most sought-after technologies in the world right now. The system will reduce the amount of human effort required by the user to perform previously and will offer a more exciting way of getting informed.


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Alan Studio, News API, React, Voice Controlled Web App.