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Study on Finding Conflicts and Story Building to Detect Obesity in India

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Madhumita Mahapatra, Krishna Kumar Singh

Madhumita Mahapatra and Krishna Kumar Singh. Study on Finding Conflicts and Story Building to Detect Obesity in India. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(36):1-10, November 2021. BibTeX

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Story building method is one of the most effective method to find solutions of real time problems. Obesity detection and prevention in the context of Indian subjects are prime concern today. Many diseases occur because of long existence of obesity. Obesity rate in India is 3.9% in respect to 16.6% average in the world according to world population review. Average overweight population is India is around 16%. But it is growing day by day with larger pace which is great cause of concern. In this paper, researchers used story building method to find different conflicts in the data and provide resolution based on it. After finding conflicts in the data researchers build story on it and proposes solution of detecting and preventing obesity in India. This easiest method to detect and prevent obesity without much knowledge of statistical algorithm. Authors found different key influencers in the data to find factors mostly contributing on obesity in particular type of subject.


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Storytelling, obesity, visual analytics, conflict finding