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Player Fitness and Team Squad Selection using Intelligence System in Sri Lanka

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Jayaprada A.B.C., Ihalapathirana K.P., Anjalie Gamage, Thilini Jayalath, Jayasundara U.L., Trishan Piyumal M.A.

Jayaprada A.B.C., Ihalapathirana K.P., Anjalie Gamage, Thilini Jayalath, Jayasundara U.L. and Trishan Piyumal M.A.. Player Fitness and Team Squad Selection using Intelligence System in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(36):54-60, November 2021. BibTeX

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, second only to football. Specially in Asian counties there are millions of cricket fans. Cricket can be considered as the most famous sport in Sri Lanka as well. Although there are many other games, cricket takes an important place because of its attractive playing structure. Cricket is globally played 104 members 12 of which are full members who participate in the Test Matches and the other 94 being associate members of the international cricket Council (ICC). As cricket takes a vital place among all other sports, there are lot actions that have been taken by cricket boards in various countries. Unfortunately, current Sri Lankan cricket is not in a very satisfactory level. Cricket board and government take many actions to uplift the Sri Lankan cricket. when talking about systematic ways, unfortunately there are only few systems which have been built to uplift cricket industry. in this research, our main concern is to build a system which helps to uplift the cricket industry, especially in Sri Lanka. Identifying the cricket pitch condition, batting techniques, players fitness levels, match prediction and team squared selection are the main outcomes of this research. Those are the most important aspects which directly effect to the victory of a cricket match. By introducing this system to the market, we hope to uplift the cricket industry in a much efficient way.


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Image Process, Video Process, Neural Network, Machine Learning, Hybrid Architecture