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Using Fuzzy Approach for Solving Multi-Level Problem in Egyptian Upstream Gateway

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
O.E. Emam, Sayed Abdelgaber, N.M. Ahmed

O E Emam, Sayed Abdelgaber and N M Ahmed. Using Fuzzy Approach for Solving Multi-Level Problem in Egyptian Upstream Gateway. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(37):23-29, November 2021. BibTeX

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In 2020, an agreement was signed between Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Schlumberger, i.e., International petroleum Service Company, to collaborate to form a world-class National Data Repository (NDR) for Egyptian Upstream data that will preserve, develop, promote, and maximize the value of the country’s big data related to the petroleum Exploration and Production (E&P) sector. The project aims to digitally promote Egypt’s oil and gas industry through seamless online access to the oil and gas sector’s data.

This innovative project aims to attract the International Oil Companies (IOCs) investors worldwide to accelerate Egypt’s discoveries and hence increase both the daily hydrocarbon production as well as oil and gas country reserves.

In this study, there are three levels of decision makers; the first level will be the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum where its main goal is to increasing the country oil and gas production while the second decision maker level i.e. Schlumberger which is looking for achieve a prosperous long- term project in Egypt, the third level decision maker will be the International Oil Companies (IOCs) that will invest in Egypt to accomplish a new hydrocarbon discoveries and minimize the Exploration risk by increasing the exploration success rate. The Italian Eni company is one of the most interested international companies that looking to invest more in the energy sector of Egypt after the discovery of the giant Zohr gas field in 2015 and it will be a symbolic for the third level decision maker in this article.

By applying the Fuzzy approach, all decision maker levels reach to a high satisfaction level i.e., ᵟ=0.999 regarding their objectives and goals by using this innovative EUG project.


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Multi-level programming, linear programming, operation research, Egypt upstream Gateway, Egypt petroleum exploration & production, Fuzzy Approach.