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Trifecta Approach to ATM Transaction Security

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Afia Farzana, Noor Mohammad, Sharif Ahmed, Jannat Ara Mim, Juena Ahmed Noshin

Afia Farzana, Noor Mohammad, Sharif Ahmed, Jannat Ara Mim and Juena Ahmed Noshin. Trifecta Approach to ATM Transaction Security. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(4):18-23, May 2021. BibTeX

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This is the twenty-first century and everything nowadays revolves around high-performance technology and its security. But there are numerous limitations in this security part and because of this we are facing adverse situation frequently. ATM transaction is one of the biggest inventions for this modern world because millions of people are using ATM for transaction purpose. But in ATM transaction people are facing many types of security issue and for this reason they are afraid for doing big amount of transaction from ATM. This paper works towards reducing this security problem. In our proposed system we are using two types of authentication. One is simple security authentication and another is strong security authentication. In simple security authentication there are two steps. First one is bank provided PIN and second one is entering the fingerprint. In strong security authentication there are three steps. First one is bank provided PIN, second one is location tracking and third one is a choice of option between fingerprint and OTP. There will be a time limit for OTP which is 40 seconds. Actually, our main focus is on strong security authentication. But for some time being we will also be giving the facility of using simple security authentication so that gradually people can be habituated with the strong security authentication. When using strong security authentication becomes a second nature, we will remove the simple security authentication from the system. By following the mentioned process, we are trying to solve the ATM transaction security issue.


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Automated Teller Machine, GPS, Fingerprint, OTP