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A Study on Product Authentication and Authorization

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Mahmuda Khan Moon, Roksana Akter, Rashed Mazumder

Mahmuda Khan Moon, Roksana Akter and Rashed Mazumder. A Study on Product Authentication and Authorization. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(45):1-7, December 2021. BibTeX

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Fake product has become a major concern in the developing countries like Bangladesh. A good number of products found fake or altered now-a-days. Basic information of the product including company-logo, price, manufacturing and expiring date are printed on product-body or packet. Usually, customers believe those information during purchase time. However, these information can be altered in many ways such as generation and distribution of fake product, and changing the tag. Under this circumstances, an idea is generated that can solve the above issues using a cryptographic tool such as authenticated encryption (AE) and Quick Response Code (QR Code). The target point of using AE is to ensure product authentication and authorization. Furthermore, QR code provides user friendly environment. In this paper, encryption is performed based on the product contents using encryption key and can not be altered without key. This encrypted data is used to create a tag. This tag will be based on AES algorithm and converted into QR code. A valid user can get the tag from the QR. In the next step, a valid user will get all information related to that product.


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Authentication, QR codes, AES, Encryption