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An Efficient Program to Design Linear Accelerator Structural Shielding

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2022
M. Sayed

M Sayed. An Efficient Program to Design Linear Accelerator Structural Shielding. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(47):15-21, January 2022. BibTeX

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Structural shield calculations for the radiotherapy treatment room are important to get the requirements of radiation protection. These calculations must perform to get the optimum thickness of treatment room walls in the design step. A Matlab program is proposed to design the structural shield for the linear accelerator. The proposed program based on the national council on radiation protection and Measurements (NCRP) report number 151. The proposed program is constructed from four interfaces to compute the different barriers in the treatment room. Firstly, the design of the treatment room is loaded to the program. Then, the primary and secondary barriers are calculated. Finally, the dose rate at the maze is calculated to select the suitable door design. The proposed program was validated based on recalculate all examples of the NCRP report No ‎‎151. Then, we compare the results precisely. ‎The proposed program is simple, and fast.


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Radiation protection - Linear accelerator - structure shield design