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Diagnosis of Bacterial Leaf Blight, Brown Spots, and Leaf Smut Rice Plant Diseases using Light GBM

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2022
G.R.I.L. Jayasooriya, Samantha Mathara Arachchi

G R I L Jayasooriya and Samantha Mathara Arachchi. Diagnosis of Bacterial Leaf Blight, Brown Spots, and Leaf Smut Rice Plant Diseases using Light GBM. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(48):53-58, January 2022. BibTeX

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Considering the human population, food is one of the major problems Sri Lanka might face in the near future. Rice is the most widely consumed food product and one of the extensively cultivated crops in Sri Lanka. Therefore, increasing the crop yield is one of the primary needs of the country. When rice crops are infected with diseases, it results in a loss of crops. Therefore, it is essential to identify the disease in the early stage of infection to prevent the damage that can be done. Disease identification could be challenging without a clear understanding. With the advancement of new technologies, researchers are interested in identifying paddy diseases through machine learning and image processing techniques to help farmers identify infectious diseases accurately.

It is difficult to observe the paddy leaf with the naked eye to diagnose the infected disease. In this research, an algorithm was developed to check whether the image contains different changes to the paddy leaf by considering the green colour pixels and their variance. OpenCV libraries have been used to develop the algorithm for feature extraction. Those features were used as attributes to the LightGBM algorithm to classify the disease images with over 80% accuracy.


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Decision Tree, Diagnosis, Diseases, Leaves, Light GBM, Open CV, Rice