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Identification and Classification of Rice Plant Diseases using Machine Learning

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2022
Jyoti Dinkar Bhosale, Lomte Santosh S., Prasadupeedi

Jyoti Dinkar Bhosale, Lomte Santosh S. and Prasadupeedi. Identification and Classification of Rice Plant Diseases using Machine Learning. International Journal of Computer Applications 183(53):18-23, February 2022. BibTeX

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In this paper Plant disease identification is crucial for preventing reductions in agricultural output quantity and production. To ease agricultural issues, several machine learning and image processing technologies are applied. This review is mostly concerned with rice plant disease. Detection based on image inputs from ill rice plants using various ML and image processing algorithms. Furthermore, the important ML and image processing concepts in plant identification and categorization there has been mention of sicknesses. Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN), Evolutionary Techniques (GA), & k-Nearest Neighbor (K-Nearest Neighbor) are three classification algorithms. Neighbor Classifier (KNN) & Support Vector Machine (SVM) are two more (SVM). The reliability of an output relies on the input data when used in a number of agricultural research applications. As a consequence, selecting a categorizing approach is a major duty. Agriculture, biological research, and so forth. Are there other industries that employ leaf disease classification? Comprehensive research into rice plant diseases, image dataset size, processing & segmentation methodologies, or classifiers are all important variables to consider.


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Image Processing, Disease Detection, Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Classification, Machine learning, Rice plant diseases, Segmentation