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Number 10 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-23-7)

# Article Title
1 A Survey of High-Level Synthesis Techniques for Area, Delay and Power Optimization
Authors :S.M. Logesh, D. S. Harish Ram, M.C. Bhuvaneswari
2 Transference& Retrieval of Pulse-code modulation Audio over Short Messaging Service
Authors :Muhammad Fahad Khan, Saira Beg
3 A Study on the Effect of Outliers in Devanagari Character Recognition
Authors :O.V. Ramana Murthy, M. Hanmandlu
4 Usability Aspects in Pervasive Computing: Needs and Challenges
Authors :Abdul Wahab Muzaffar, Farooque Azam, Hina Anwar, Ali Saeed Khan
5 Domain Decomposition of the Fourth-Order AGE Method on Heat Equation with MPI
Authors :Ewedafe Simon Uzezi, Gates Kparo
6 Multi-level Security for Integrated Financial Mobile Web Services using Federated ESB
Authors :Dr. S. Britto R.Kumar, Dr. S. Albert Rabara
7 New Approach to Standard Genetic Algorithm
Authors :Fariborz Ahmadi, Amir Sheikhahma Di, Reza Tati, Soraia Ahmadi
8 Application of Artificial Neural Network in Forecasting Solar Irradiance and Sizing of Photovoltaic Cell for Standalone Systems in Bangladesh
Authors :Salman Quaiyum, Shahriar Rahman, Saidur Rahman
9 Efficient approach to Normalization of Multimodal Biometric Scores
Authors :L.Latha, S.Thangasamy