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Number 6 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-19-8)

# Article Title
1 An Efficient Solution for Aligning Huge DNA Sequences
Authors :Ahmad M.Hosny, Howida A Shedeed, Ashraf S. Hussein, Mohamed F. Tolba
2 Performance Analysis of Various Data Mining Algorithms: A Review
Authors :Dharminder Kumar, Suman
3 Model Order Reduction of Interval Systems using Mihailov Criterion and Cauer Second Form
Authors :D. Kranthi Kumar, S. K. Nagar, J. P. Tiwari
4 Realization of Framework for Web Content Extraction and Classification
Authors :Ganesh D. Puri, Prof. Y.C. Kulkarni
5 An Automated Mail Sorter System using SVM Classifier
Authors : Arun K.S., Jerin Thomas
6 Thermal Radiation, Buoyancy and Heat Generation Effects on Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Medium
Authors :P. Geetha, M.B.K.Moorthy
7 Iris recognition using Partial Coefficients by applying Discrete Cosine Transform, Haar Wavelet and DCT Wavelet Transform
Authors :Dr. H. B. Kekre, Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode, Pratik Bhatia, Sandhya N. Nayak, Dheeraj Nagpal
8 Optimal Placement and Sizing of SVC for Voltage Security Enhancement
Authors :T.Taherian, M.Mohammadi, S.Bairamzadeh