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An Optimal Model for Priority based Service Scheduling Policy for Cloud Computing Environment

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2011 by IJCA Journal
Number 1 - Article 1
Year of Publication: 2011
Dr. M. Dakshayini
Dr. H. S. Guruprasad

Dr. M Dakshayini and Dr. H S Guruprasad. Article:An Optimal Model for Priority based Service Scheduling Policy for Cloud Computing Environment. International Journal of Computer Applications 32(9):23-29, October 2011. Full text available. BibTeX

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Cloud computing refers to the model, which is the pool of resources. Cloud makes on-demand delivery of these computational resources (data, software and infrastructure) among multiple services via a computer network with different load conditions of the cloud network. User will be charged for the resources used based upon time. Hence efficient utilization of cloud resources has become a major challenge in satisfying the user’s requirement (QoS) and in gaining benefit for both the user and the service provider. In this paper, we propose a priority and admission control based service scheduling policy that aims at serving the user requests satisfying the QoS, optimizing the time the service-request spends in the queue and achieving the high throughput of the cloud by making an efficient provision of cloud resources.


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