Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Number 14 (ISBN: 973-93-80868-39-5)

# Article Title
1 Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Video using Color Modeling
Authors : M. Gangadharappa, Pooja Goel, Rajiv Kapoor
2 A Novel Compact Ultra-Wideband Band-Notched Band-Pass Filter
Authors : Somaye Baghbani, Alireza Mallahzadeh, Navid Daryasafar
3 A Novel Tri-Band Branch-Line Coupler using Stepped-Impedance Resonator
Authors : Farnoosh Shirkani, Alireza Mallahzadeh, Navid Daryasafar
4 Data Hiding by LSB Substitution using Gene Expression Programming
Authors : Marghny H. Mohamed, Hussein I. Abul-kasim
5 A Simple Theoretical Method for the Estimation of Dynamic Resistance in Photovoltaic Panels
Authors : Amar Neçaibia, Nadir Boutasseta, Samir Mouhajer
6 Software Defined Radio Equipment: What's the Best Design Approach to Reduce Power Consumption and Increase Reconfigurability?
Authors : Manel Hentati, Amor Nafkha, Pierre Leray, Mohamed Abid, Jean-françois Nezan1
7 Performance Comparison between MPSK and MFSK in Rician Fading Channel based on MGF Method
Authors : Dimpal Joshi, Kapil Gupta
8 Event Evoked Signal Classification in Frequency Domain for Brain Computer Interface
Authors : G. V. Sridhar, P. Mallikarjuna Rao