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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80868-82-1)

# Article Title
1 Soft Computing Techniques for Mishaps Prediction
Authors : Dinesh Kumar Saini, Jabar H Yousif
2 Knowledge based Semantic Annotation Generation of Music
Authors : Sunitha Abburu
3 Noise Removal and Blob Detection Approach for Number Plate Identification
Authors : Reshma P.
4 Load Balancing Algorithms for Peer to Peer and Client Server Distributed Environments
Authors : Sameena Naaz, Afshar Alam, Ranjit Biswas
5 Energy Efficient Congestion Retrieval Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : B. Santhana Krishnan, M. Ramaswamy
6 A Comprehensive Approach towards Enhancing the Interface for Wedding Website Hosting
Authors : Mudit Mathur, Ritik Arora, Chandan Kalra, Sree Dharinya S
7 MANET Link Performance Parameters using Ant Colony Optimization Approach
Authors : Sarbjeet Kaur, Ravinder Singh Sawhney, Rajan Vohra