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Number 9 (ISBN: 973-93-80868-83-0)

# Article Title
1 Distributing Graphic Rendering using Grid Computing with Load Balancing
Authors : El-sayed M. T. El-kenawy, Ali Ibraheem El-desoky, Mohamed F. Al-rahamawy
2 Implementation of Code Division Multiple Access using Asynchronous Sequential Techniques
Authors : Mukhtar Ahmad Wani, M M Mushtaq, Roohie Naaz Mir
3 Simulation of WSN based Accident Monitoring and Avoiding System for BRTS Corridors using Ptolemy II
Authors : Harshal Arolkar, Kashyap Dhamecha, Darshan Patel
4 Estimation of Population Mean in Two Stage Design using Double Sampling for Stratification and Multiauxiliary Information
Authors : Monika Saini, Shashi Bahl
5 Single Point Interface for Data Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Disha J. Shah, Harshal A. Arolkar
6 A Survey Paper on E-Learning Recommender System
Authors : Reema Sikka, Amita Dhankhar, Chaavi Rana
7 Template Matching to Enhance HUD Colour Images
Authors : Shashi Poddar, Amitava Das, Vinod Karar
8 Identification of Multidimensional Relationship among Item Sets using Association Rules
Authors : Mamta, Shwetank Arya, R. P. Agarwal