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Security in e-Governance using Biometric

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2012 by IJCA Journal
Volume 50 - Number 3
Year of Publication: 2012
Parvinder Singh
Piyush Morwal
Rajkumar Tripathi

Parvinder Singh, Piyush Morwal and Rajkumar Tripathi. Article: Security in e-Governance using Biometric. International Journal of Computer Applications 50(3):16-19, July 2012. Full text available. BibTeX

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e-Governance is refers to the use of Information and communication technology to provide the improvement in government services, transactions, interaction with citizens, business and other arm of government. In this paper we identify the requirements of biometrics in e-governance and what are the possible attacks on biometric systems. We also provide some scheme to reduce the vulnerabilities in the system. We suggest implementing multibiometric system and methods for template protection to make system more robust.


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