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Number 9 (ISBN: 973-93-80869-58-9)

# Article Title
1 Artificial Neural Network based Prediction of Solar Radiation for Indian Stations
Authors : Amit Kumar Yadav, S. S. Chandel
2 Leader Election using Modified Heap Tree Method
Authors : Dinesh Kumar Yadav, C. S. Lamba, Shweta Shukla
3 A Language Independent Characterization of Document Image Noise in Historical Scripts
Authors : Sandhya. N, R. Krishnan, D. R. Ramesh Babu
4 Some Results on Degree of Vertices in Semitotal-Block Graph and Total-Block Graph
Authors : Bhavanari Satyanarayana, Devanaboina Srinivasulu, Kuncham Syam Prasad, Eswaraiah Setty S.
5 Intelligent Adaptive Presentation and E-testing System based on User Modeling and Course Sequencing in Virtual Classroom
Authors : Nidal A. M Jabari, Mohammad Hariadi, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
6 Architecture Design and FPGA Implementation of an FFT based Reactive Power Meter
Authors : Msr Naidu, G. R Locharla, Gbsr Naidu
7 A Security Architecture for WiMAX Networks
Authors : Shahid Hussain, Muhammad Naeem Khan, Muhammad Ibrahim
8 Image Segmentation and Asymmetry Analysis of Breast Thermograms for Tumor Detection
Authors : Pragati Kapoor, S. V. A. V. Prasad, Seema Patni
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