Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 13 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-16-4)

# Article Title
1 Watershed Segmentation based on Distance Transform and Edge Detection Techniques
Authors : Pinaki Pratim Acharjya, Dibyendu Ghoshal
2 Improved Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction from Meeting Transcripts
Authors : J. I. Sheeba, K. Vivekanandan
3 Introducing New Meta Search Model through Content based Image Retrieval Algorithm
Authors : Kanak Giri, Kapil Sharma, Pankaj Dadheech
4 Comparative Analysis of Different TCP Variants in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Authors : Hrituparna Paul, Anish Kumar Saha, Partha Pratim Deb, Partha Sarathi Bhattacharjee
5 Multimedia Transmission in Multi Hop Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Sakthidharan G R, S. Chitra
6 Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
Authors : Asha. N, M. Varun Kumar, Vaidhyanathan. G
7 Audio Steganography in Wavelet Domain – A Survey
Authors : Jisna Antony, Sobin C. C, Sherly A. P
8 Balanced Labeling and Balance Index Set of One Point Union of Two Complete Graphs
Authors : Pradeep G. Bhat, Devadas Nayak C