Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 17 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-62-3)

# Article Title
1 An Analysis of Skin Pixel Detection using Different Skin Color Extraction Techniques
Authors : Gururaj P. Surampalli, Dayanand J, Dhananjay M
2 5G: Future Mobile Technology-Vision 2020
Authors : Saurabh Patel, Malhar Chauhan, Kinjal Kapadiya
3 Analysis of Spatial Features in CBIR System
Authors : Minakshi Kaushik, Rahul Sharma, Ankit Vidhyarthi
4 A Novel Approach for Heart Disease Diagnosis using Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic
Authors : Nidhi Bhatla, Kiran Jyoti
5 An Efficient Approach for Real Time Tracking of Intruder and Abandoned Object in Video Surveillance System
Authors : G. Prabhakar, B. Ramasubramanian
6 Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocols and Mobility Models
Authors : Sunil Kumar Kaushik, Kavita Chahal, Sukhbir Singh, Sandeep Dhariwal
7 Parallel Hermite Interpolation on Extended Fibonacci Cubes
Authors : B. N. B. Ray, Alok Ranjan Tripathy, S. P. Mohanty
8 Project Mudra: Personalization of Computers using Natural Interface
Authors : Ankit Dave, Yogesh Bhumkar, Abin Abraham, Rekha Sugandhi
9 Edge Dominating Functions of Quadratic Residue Cayley Graphs
Authors : S. Jeelani Begum, B. Maheswari