Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-70-9)

# Article Title
1 Migration of Services to the Cloud Environment: Challenges and Best Practices
Authors : Vikas Kumar, Kavindra Kumar Garg,
2 Crawling the Hidden Web: An Approach to Dynamic Web Indexing
Authors : Moumie Soulemane, Mohammad Rafiuzzaman, Hasan Mahmud,
3 Translation Shared Task on Statistical Machine Translation: A Comparison of the Systems Output
Authors : Muhammad Arifur Rahman,
4 Degradation Measures in Free Space Optical Communication (FSO) and its Mitigation Techniques - A Review
Authors : Vishal Sharma, Gurimandeep Kaur,
5 Perceptible MOS Factor Achieved during Voice Transmission in IEEE 802. 1Q Standard for Video Conferencing
Authors : P. Thangaraj, K. Sakthi Sudhan, S. N. Sivanandam,
6 Secure Message Transmission using Lagrange Polynomial Interpolation and Huffman Coding
Authors : R. Siva Ranjani, D. Lalitha Bhaskari, P. S. Avadhani,
7 Extraction of Texture Information from Fuzzy Run Length Matrix
Authors : Y. Venkateswarlu, B. Sujatha, V. Vijaya Kumar,
8 Multipath Rate based Congestion Control for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors : S. Soundararajan, R. S. Bhuvaneswaran,