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Least-Squares Interpolation of Fused MR and CT Images in the Wavelet Domain

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2012 by IJCA Journal
Volume 55 - Number 13
Year of Publication: 2012
Eman Sultan
Sayed El-rabaie
Fathi E. Abd El-samie
Nawal El-fishawy
Said E. El-khamy

Eman Sultan, Sayed El-rabaie, Fathi Abd E El-samie, Nawal El-fishawy and Said E El-khamy. Article: Least-Squares Interpolation of Fused MR and CT Images in the Wavelet Domain. International Journal of Computer Applications 55(13):1-6, October 2012. Full text available. BibTeX

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A suggested approach is presented in this paper to obtain high-resolution images from the fusion and then interpolation of Magnetic Resonance (MR) and Computed Tomography (CT) images. MR and CT images are fused with either the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) or the curvelet transform. After that, a least-squares interpolation step is carried out on the wavelet sub-bands of the fusion result. Simulation results show the feasibility of the fusion process to obtain images with more details and the efficiency of interpolation to obtain high-resolution images.


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