Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 20 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-55-2)

# Article Title
1 Combining Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and One Time Pad (OTP) Encryption for Data Security
Authors : Indrastanti R. Widiasari
2 Concept of Designing an Optimized Pull Model View Controller Type Content Management Framework
Authors : Zamah Sari, Moechammad Sarosa, Heru Nurwasito
3 Multi-Objective Constrained Optimization using Discrete Mechanics and NSGA-II Approach
Authors : Sneha Desai, Sushant Bahadure, Faruk Kazi, Navdeep Singh
4 Tsunami Wave Propagation Models based on Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Authors : E. Syed Mohamed, S. Rajasekaran
5 Cyber Security Approach in Web Application using SVM
Authors : Chandrapal Singh Dangi, Ravindra Gupta, Gajendra Singh Chandel
6 A Research on Decentralized Clustering Algorithms for Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : S. R. Boselin Prabhu, S. Sophia, P. D. Manivannan, S. Nithya
7 CO2 Monitoring System from Remote Location using GSM, GPS and Concept of MODBUS
Authors : Seema B. Vora, Mukesh Tiwari, Jaikaran Singh
8 A Robust Rotation Invariant Multiview Face Detection in Erratic Illumination Condition
Authors : G. Nirmala Priya, R. S. D. Wahida Banu