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Concept of Designing an Optimized Pull Model View Controller Type Content Management Framework

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2012 by IJCA Journal
Volume 57 - Number 20
Year of Publication: 2012
Zamah Sari
Moechammad Sarosa
Heru Nurwasito

Zamah Sari, Moechammad Sarosa and Heru Nurwasito. Article: Concept of Designing an Optimized Pull Model View Controller Type Content Management Framework. International Journal of Computer Applications 57(20):9-13, November 2012. Full text available. BibTeX

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Based on the concept of "easy to learn and develop for anyone", we present an integrated framework concept for developing content management system using an optimized pull Model View Controler(MVC) type in web programming. The framework consist of four easy steps to follow: first step is determining web page template intotwo parts, which are static and dynamic part that mostly is the main content part from a web page, then breaking the web application into modular so we can easily maintain and develop it, then slicing the dynamic part into pull MVC type Programming and the last step is optimizing the framework to achieve high speed load framework. This framework contain several parts that will be pulled together to form a complete web page according to user need, first part is view part that contain the user interface design of web page and some commands to call the logic part, logic parts which contain the web programming and commands to call the database queries in model part, model parts which contain the database query programming and language support add on as additional feature. By breaking a web page into parts and creating the web application into modular, this kind of framework can be learned and developed by anyone, even for the one that just learns the web basics programming.


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