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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80872-12-4)

# Article Title
1 Speeding-up Phase-Locked Loops based on Adaptive Loop Bandwidth
Authors : Dina M. El-laithy, Abdelhalim Zekry, Mohamed Abouelatta
2 Automatic Measurements of the Performance Parameters of Practical Phase-Locked Loops
Authors : Dina M. El-laithy, Abdelhalim Zekry, Mohamed Abouelatta
3 Cryptanalysis of RSA with Small Prime Difference using Unravelled Linearization
Authors : Santosh Kumar. R, Narasimham. C, Pallam Setty. S
4 Optical Character Recognition using Ant Miner Algorithm: A Case Study on Oriya Character Recognition
Authors : Bhagirath Kumar, Niraj Kumar, Charulata Palai, Pradeep Kumar Jena, Subhagata Chattopadhyay
5 Analysis of Liver Cancer DNA Sequence Data using Data Mining
Authors : N. Senthil Vel Murugan, V. Vallinayagam, K. Senthamarai Kannan, T. Viveka
6 Edge Detection using Moore Neighborhood
Authors : Pratibha Sharma, Manoj Diwakar, Niranjan Lal
7 Prevention of DoS and Memory Attacks: Enhanced 3-Way Handshake
Authors : Paridhi Singhal, Manoj Diwakar, Mandeep Katre
8 An Extraction and Recognition of Tongue-Print Images for Biometrics Authentication System
Authors : Manoj Diwakar, Manish Maharshi