Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80874-10-8)

# Article Title
1 Demand on Request and Performance Evaluation in Video MAC Protocol (VMP) for EPON based Network
Authors : T. Janarthan, N. Archana, K. O. Joseph
2 Evaluating the Burst Delivery Ratio of TCP Variants with Varying Burst Sizes and Offset Times in an all-Optical Burst Switching Network
Authors : Ratna Pavani. K, N. Sreenath
3 K-means with Three different Distance Metrics
Authors : Archana Singh, Avantika Yadav, Ajay Rana
4 A Practical Approach for Secured Data Transmission using Wavelet based Steganography and Cryptography
Authors : M. Indrasena Reddy, V. Uday Kumar, K. Subba Reddy
5 Detecting and Scheduling Badsmells using Java Agent Development (JADE)
Authors : S. Ayshwarya Lakshmi, S. Shanmuga Vadivu, A. Ramachandran
6 Implementation of Real Time Graphical User Interface Library for Dynamic Reconfigurable System
Authors : Vaibhawa Mishra, Kota Solomon Raju, Pramod Tanwar
7 Unit Testing Concurrent Java Programs
Authors : Suma Shivaprasad, Nanditha Prasad