Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 24 (ISBN: 973-93-80874-49-1)

# Article Title
1 An Introduction to a Family of Fuzzy Subsets forming Boolean Algebra
Authors : Dwiraj Talukdar, Sisir Kumar Rajbongshi
2 Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Cloud Environment: A Systematic Review
Authors : Iti Raghav, Shashi Chhikara, Nitasha Hasteer
3 Design of Low Cost Virtual Patient for Real Time ECG Analyzers
Authors : Gaurav S. Awari, Minal S. Ghute
4 Usage of Netflow in Security and Monitoring of Computer Networks
Authors : Shivam Choudhary, Bhargav Srinivasan
5 Smart HVAC System Control using RF and Zigbees
Authors : Shivam Choudhary, Pranav Balachander
6 Data Mining in E-Commerce: A CRM Platform
Authors : Lipsa Sadath
7 Bitmap Index as Effective Indexing for Low Cardinality Column in Data Warehouse
Authors : Zainab Qays Abdulhadi, Zhang Zuping, Hamed Ibrahim Housien
8 Calculating Trust and Aggregation of a Node using Poisson Distribution in WSN
Authors : Arnab Ghosh, Sovan Bhattacharya