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Classifying Web Services based on QoS Parameters using Extended Dataset

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2013 by IJCA Journal
Volume 74 - Number 8
Year of Publication: 2013
Vandan Tewari
Urjita Thakar
Nirmal Dagdee

Vandan Tewari, Urjita Thakar and Nirmal Dagdee. Article: Classifying Web Services based on QoS Parameters using Extended Dataset. International Journal of Computer Applications 74(8):33-36, July 2013. Full text available. BibTeX

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Web Services are the interoperable and loosely coupled components for simplifying business processes over the web and are popular model of distributed computing now a days. There are a very few datasets available regarding Quality of Service (QoS) for web services since web services datasets are difficult to create. The reason being that it requires more effort to collect service information from various sources and structure it into a dataset. QWS dataset [5] is a data set which contains quality of service parameters for Web Services. However, this dataset includes only nine quality of service parameters and misses on some very important non-functional attributes such as security, interoperability and robustness which may be important while discovering web services which are sensitive in nature. This constitutes the class of services used for defense applications related to national security and service related to heavy financial transactions. In this paper, a method of web service classification has been proposed based on QoS Parameters of web services. Additionally an extended QoS parameters data set has been created using statistical techniques and concept of Highly Normalized Function. This extended dataset consists of unlabeled samples, which are processed to generate labeled dataset. This synthetic dataset has been named as Non-functional Parameters Dataset (NfPD).


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