Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 16 (ISBN: 973-93-80879-76-7)

# Article Title
1 Design of Efficient Reversible Multiply Accumulate (MAC) Unit
Authors : Rangaraju H G, Arpitha H S, Muralidhara K N
2 Feature-based Comparison of iSCSI Target Implementations
Authors : Nitin Gode, Rhushida Kashalkar, Deepika Kale, Sukhada Bhingarkar
3 Consistency between Use Case, Sequence and Timing Diagram for Real Time Software Systems
Authors : Rumpa Hazra, Shouvik Dey
4 Synthesis of a Linear Antenna Array for Maximum Side-lobe Level Reduction
Authors : S. A. Babale, D. D. Dajab, K. Ahmad
5 Loosely Coupled Heterogeneous Networks Convergence using IMS-SIP-AAA
Authors : G. Vijayalakshmy, G. Sivaradje
6 Correction of WOW and Flutter in Audio Signals using Least Mean Square Algorithm
Authors : Chanda Thakur, Satbir Singh
7 A New Hierarchical Structure for Combining Different Versions of PSO
Authors : Mahdi Roshanzamir, Nasser Mozayani, Mohamad Roshanzamir
8 Data Mining Model for Money Laundering Detection in Financial Domain
Authors : Mahesh Kharote, V. P. Kshirsagar