Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
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Volume 87

Number 1

Editor's choice: Fuzzy based Tuning Congestion Window for Improving End-to-End Congestion Control Protocols
Author : Tharwat Ibrahim, Gamal Attiya, Ahmed Hamad

Number 2

Editor's choice: Towards Unsupervised and Consistent High Dimensional Data Clustering
Author : R. G. Mehta, N. J. Mistry, M. Raghuwanshi

Number 3

Editor's choice: The Suitable Power Control of Wind Energy Conversion System based Doubly Fed Induction Generator
Author : K. D. E. Kerrouche, A. Mezouar, L. Boumedien

Number 4

Editor's choice: Removal of Impulse Noise using First Order Neighborhood Mean Filter
Author : Priyanka Shrivastava, Uday Pratap Singh, Vineet Richhariya

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: Triangle Wise Mapping Technique to Transform one Face Image into Another Face Image
Author : Rustam Ali Ahmed, Bhogeswar Borah

Number 7

Editor's choice: An Efficient Method of Image Segmentation for Harvest Time Identification
Author : Monika Bhatnagar, Prashant Kumar Singh

Number 8

Editor's choice: Space Signal Processing for Helicopter Satellite Communication using 2x1 Alamouti Scheme
Author : Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim, Khairy A. Elbarbary, Abdelhamid Gaafar

Number 9

Editor's choice: WSNs Power Consumption Reduction using Clustering and Multiple Access Techniques
Author : Omar N. Al-khayat, Siddeeq Y. Ameen, Mohammed N. Abdallah

Number 10

Editor's choice: Design and Validation of Ethernet Network Interface Card using Simevents Technique
Author : Mohammed Younis, A. I. A. Jabbar

Number 11

Editor's choice: Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Optimization with Stepwise Approach in Search Interval Selection of Variables
Author : Shekhar L. Pandharipande, Aarti R. Deshmukh, Rohit P. Kalnake

Number 12

Editor's choice: Enhancing NameNode Fault Tolerance in Hadoop Distributed File System
Author : Ohnmar Aung, Thandar Thein

Number 13

Editor's choice: Triple Indexing: An Efficient Technique for Fast Phrase Query Evaluation
Author : Shashank Gugnani, Rajendra Kumar Roul

Number 14

Editor's choice: Dynamic-Double-Threshold Energy Detection Scheme under Noise Varying Environment in Cognitive Radio System
Author : Sonam Shrivastava, Ravi Tiwari, Susmita Das

Number 15

Editor's choice: Contextual View-based Access Control Model for Spatial Data on Web
Author : Mennatallah H. Ibrahim, Hesham A. Hefny, Nermin Hamza

Number 16

Editor's choice: A Trustworhty Model for Reliable Cloud Service Discovery
Author : Akinwunmi A. O, Olajubu E. A., Aderounmu G. A.

Number 17

Editor's choice: Contrast Enhancement of Remote Sensing Images using DWT with Kernel Filter and DTCWT
Author : Ruchika Mishra, Utkarsh Sharma, Manish Shrivastava

Number 18

Editor's choice: Matched-Filter-based Spectrum Sensing for Secure Cognitive Radio Network Communications
Author : Fatty M. Salem, Maged H. Ibrahim, Ihab A. Ali, I. I. Ibrahim

Number 19

Editor's choice: Decision-Making in Complicated Geometrical Problems
Author : Amir Mosavi