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An Advance Approach of Face Recognition using PCA and Region Base Color Segmentation

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2014 by IJCA Journal
Volume 89 - Number 17
Year of Publication: 2014
Santosh Kumar
Atul Chaudhary
Manish Mathuria
Kailash Rathore

Santosh Kumar, Atul Chaudhary, Manish Mathuria and Kailash Rathore. Article: An Advance Approach of Face Recognition using PCA and Region Base Color Segmentation. International Journal of Computer Applications 89(17):38-43, March 2014. Full text available. BibTeX

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Automated face recognition has industrialized a major field of Interest Face Recognition is the typical process of identification of a individual by their facial image. This effective technique Making it possible to use the facial images of a person to authenticate him into a protected system, for criminal identification, for passport verification, entrance control in buildings, access control at automatic teller machines the experimentation involved Eigen faces and PCA (Principal Component Analysis). Recognition rate of 90% was achieved using combination of PCA and region base colour segmentation face recognition techniques.


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