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Performance Improvement of EZW Encoding through Parallelization

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2014 by IJCA Journal
Volume 89 - Number 19
Year of Publication: 2014
Pradeep Ch
Ravi Shankar Singh

Pradeep Ch and Ravi Shankar Singh. Article: Performance Improvement of EZW Encoding through Parallelization. International Journal of Computer Applications 89(19):21-24, March 2014. Full text available. BibTeX

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During the past few decades the wavelet transform is more and more widely used in image and video compression. One of the well known progressive encodings in image compression is the "Embedded Zerotree wavelet" (EZW) encoding, which involves the wavelet transform. As of today the parallelization of the wavelet transform is abundantly investigated, So this work deals with the parallelization of the encoding part itself. The OPENMP programming model is used for implementing the parallel version. Both the sequential and parallel versions of EZW encoding are presented along with their performance.


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