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ICACA 2013 (ISBN: 973-93-80872-72-4)

# Article Title
1 Automatic Generation of Test Suits by Applying Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Mohd Athar, Avdhesh Gupta
2 Text Mining Technique using Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Deepankar Bharadwaj, Suneet Shukla
3 Study on the Effectiveness of Classical Fritz John Conditions
Authors : Amrita Pal, Prashant Chauhan, Paras Bhatnagar
4 An Estimation of Routing Protocols in Mobility Models used for Ad Hoc Networks: Simulation Study
Authors : Arvind Kumar Shukla, C. K. Jha, Deepak Sharma
5 Finite Termination by using the Asymptotic Dual for Dynamic Bundle Method
Authors : Paras Bhatnagar, Shipra Kaushik, Ashok Kumar Vasishtha
6 Analysis on Parallelization of Apriori Algorithm in Data Mining
Authors : Anupriya, Ashok Kumar
7 Optimization of Route in a Network using Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Zaiba Ishrat, Kunwar Babar Ali
8 Data Mining Functions in Advanced Education
Authors : Nitin Trivedi, Sachin Ahuja, Jugal Kishor Gupta, Vaibhav Mittal, Ankit Jain
9 A Survey: World Wide Web and the Search Engines
Authors : Bharat Bhushan Agarwal, Sonia Gupta
10 Integrated 3-echolen Supply Chain Inventory Models for Perishable Items for Quadratic Demand and Production Rate Dependant on Demand and Two Parametric Deterioration
Authors : Rakhi Trivedi, Ravish Kumar Yadav
11 TCP/IP Data Normalization
Authors : Smita Verma, Garima Krishna
12 The Effect of Velocity of Nodes on the Performance of Various Routing Protocols in MANET
Authors : Deepali Agarwal