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TCP/IP Data Normalization

Published on February 2013 by Smita Verma, Garima Krishna
International Conference on Advances in Computer Application 2013
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ICACA2013 - Number 1
February 2013
Authors: Smita Verma, Garima Krishna

Smita Verma, Garima Krishna . TCP/IP Data Normalization. International Conference on Advances in Computer Application 2013. ICACA2013, 1 (February 2013), 59-62.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 International Conference on Advances in Computer Application 2013
%A Smita Verma
%A Garima Krishna
%T TCP/IP Data Normalization
%J International Conference on Advances in Computer Application 2013
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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Defending networks against today's attackers is especially challenging for modern intrusion detection/prevention systems for two reasons: the sheer amount of state they must maintain, and the possibility of resource exhaustion attacks on the defense system itself. Our work shows how to cope with these challenges in the context of a TCP stream normalizer whose job is to detect all instances of inconsistent TCP retransmissions.

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