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Photonic Crystal Structure

Published on September 2016 by Suruchi Lath, Rakesh Goyal
International Conference on Advances in Emerging Technology
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ICAET2016 - Number 2
September 2016
Authors: Suruchi Lath, Rakesh Goyal

Suruchi Lath, Rakesh Goyal . Photonic Crystal Structure. International Conference on Advances in Emerging Technology. ICAET2016, 2 (September 2016), 8-11.

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%1 International Conference on Advances in Emerging Technology
%A Suruchi Lath
%A Rakesh Goyal
%T Photonic Crystal Structure
%J International Conference on Advances in Emerging Technology
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%N 2
%P 8-11
%D 2016
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Photonics involves the control of photons in free space or in matter. Photonics replace the electron flow with photonic flow. Photonic crystal has the ability to control the flow of light and their capacity to concentrate light. Sharp bending is observed when an electromagnetic wave enters the photonic crystal. Materials that contain photonic band gap have the potential to manipulate the light. Photonics ICs applied in the range of visible light and near infra-red light. In photonic crystals, it is possible to obtain negative refraction behavior at optical wavelength. This review introduces the concept of photonic crystals, fabrication of photonic crystal by lithography method, bending of electromagnetic wave when propagates through photonic crystal waveguide.

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