Smart Glasses: A Useful Wearable Gadget

IJCA Proceedings on Leveraging Information Technology for Inter-Sectoral Research
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ICAIM 2017 - Number 3
Year of Publication: 2019
Kalpesh Singh
Neetu Vishwakarma

Kalpesh Singh and Neetu Vishwakarma. Article: Smart Glasses: A Useful Wearable Gadget. IJCA Proceedings on Leveraging Information Technology for Inter-Sectoral Research ICAIM 2017(3):5-10, February 2019. Full text available. BibTeX

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The developing field of wearable registering intends to between mesh processing gadgets into regular day to day existence. This report focuses on savvy glasses, one of the classes of wearable registering gadgets which is extremely present in the media and anticipated that would be a major market in the following years. It investigates the distinctions from keen glasses to other shrewd gadgets, introduces numerous conceivable applications for various target audiences and gives a review of the diverse savvy glasses which are accessible now or ought to be accessible in the following couple of years. Intriguing mechanical elements of the brilliant glasses are highlighted and clarified.


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