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Smart Parking System using Internet of Things

IJCA Proceedings on Leveraging Information Technology for Inter-Sectoral Research
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ICAIM 2017 - Number 3
Year of Publication: 2019
Muzammil Jafferi
Narender Singh Flora

Muzammil Jafferi and Narender Singh Flora. Article: Smart Parking System using Internet of Things. IJCA Proceedings on Leveraging Information Technology for Inter-Sectoral Research ICAIM 2017(3):15-17, February 2019. Full text available. BibTeX

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This paper proposes a Smart Parking system which provides an optimal solution for parking problem in metropolitan cities. Due to fast increase in vehicle density particularly throughout the height or operating hours of the day, it's terribly tough task for the drivers to search out a parking lot to park their vehicles in there neighborhood or specific space. The aim of the paper is to resolve the above mentioned issue which provides the Smart Parking system. IoT is a fast and quick growing area. It allows us to connect different dumb objects or system using different tools or kits. This system uses cloud computing and Internet of Things (IOT) technology. Using different Iot technology we can automize our product by using hardware components to communicate. In this system a suitable or a particular shortest path algorithm is used to find the minimum distance between the car or user and each car parking system in the area. Thus, the waiting time of the user is minimized. RFID technology is mainly used to trae items in the near range. The radio communications uses readers and tags to exchange informations. Our product is based on the idea of Internet of Things (IOT), which mainly aims ar solving the major problem, confusion, traffic and long queues in parking area of public building like malls or business park areas. By means of this paper we are trying to present use cases related to provide smart parking solutions for drivers.


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