Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-24-5)

# Article Title
1 Comparison of Fuzzy Filter and Median Filter on Ultrasound
Authors : Parineeta Suman, Deepa Parasar, Vijay R. Rathod
2 Modulation Techniques in Single Phase PWM Rectifier
Authors : Arpit Bohra, Divya Sajeesh, Chintan Patel, Michael Saldanha
3 Detection of Paddy Leaf Diseases
Authors : Radhika Deshmukh, Manjusha Deshmukh
4 Face Recognition using Radial Curves and Back Propagation Neural Network for Frontal Faces under Various Challenges
Authors : Latasha Keshwani, D. J. Pete
5 Review of Mitigation Techniques for Power Quality Issues in Distributed Generation
Authors : Seema Jadhav
6 Usability and Security of Recognition based Graphical Password Scheme
Authors : Pranita Binnar, Vanita Mane