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Emenu Solutions using ARM Architecture for Next-Generation Dining Experience

Published on October 2013 by Disha Suru, Neha Kudu, Sunil Karamchandani
International Conference on Communication Technology
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ICCT - Number 5
October 2013
Authors: Disha Suru, Neha Kudu, Sunil Karamchandani

Disha Suru, Neha Kudu, Sunil Karamchandani . Emenu Solutions using ARM Architecture for Next-Generation Dining Experience. International Conference on Communication Technology. ICCT, 5 (October 2013), 17-21.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 International Conference on Communication Technology
%A Disha Suru
%A Neha Kudu
%A Sunil Karamchandani
%T Emenu Solutions using ARM Architecture for Next-Generation Dining Experience
%J International Conference on Communication Technology
%@ 0975-8887
%N 5
%P 17-21
%D 2013
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

We propose, 'E la carte', an eMenu solutions employing ARM architecture is proposed for next generation dining experience. eMenu is an efficient way of catering patrons thus enriching their dining experience. The implemented design results in a decrease in the customer service time of 44% and the customer downtime by 64% . A helical antenna of gain approx 7 db is designed to provide wireless transmission of menu coded as an innovatively designed tag. An eco-friendly illumination mechanism implemented for light intensity control reduces the power consumption by 25%.

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