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Number 10 (ISBN: 978-93-80747-73-3)

# Article Title
1 On the Design of Square-Cut Circular Multiband Antenna for Wireless Communication
Authors :Raj Kumar, Nivedita Mishra
2 On the Design of Close and Open Loop Hexagonal Multiplexer for Communication System
Authors : Raj Kumar, Girma Alemu Edae
3 Multiplierless Design for Multilevel Forward and Inverse 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform
Authors :Naregalkar Akshay, B.Harish, Sujata Dhanorkar
4 Multilayer Circularly Polarized Circular Annular Ring Patch
Authors :J P Shinde, Raj Kumar, M D Uplane, P N Shinde, B K Mishra, M S Gaikwad
5 High Speed Power Efficient Asynchronous Adders
Authors :Harish Boddapati, Akshay Naregalkar, Raju BL Dr
6 Two Novel Low Voltage Architectures of CMOS Current Conveyors
Authors :Amisha P. Naik, N.M.Devashrayee
7 Novel Mode Conversion Technique of Helical Antenna using Cavity
Authors :Vinitkumar Jayaprakash Dongre, B.K. Mishra