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Review of WSN based Precision Agriculture Monitoring System

Published on May 2018 by Jyotshna Kumari, Satish Kumar
International Information Security Conference
Foundation of Computer Science USA
IISC2017 - Number 1
May 2018
Authors: Jyotshna Kumari, Satish Kumar

Jyotshna Kumari, Satish Kumar . Review of WSN based Precision Agriculture Monitoring System. International Information Security Conference. IISC2017, 1 (May 2018), 8-11.

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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Relaying on the study of the development of agricultural process and mechanisms, system of farming process reforms, protection of farming and agricultural methodology and also by the development in the area of information technology, it became possible to perceive the process of precision agriculture. Comprehensive review of the monitoring systems of the agricultural environment system has been offered in this paper which is based on one of the emerging technologies called Wireless sensor network (WSN). WSN provide processed real time field data from sensors physically distributed in the field . In this paper introduction to the theory of the monitoring system is described along with discussion of the features of hardware components design & software design of the parts composed, topologies of the network, along with communication protocols in addition with present challenges in the area are overviewed. Researches have been conducted the by researchers and scientists are involved in the work to show that node can attain information from environment aggregation and transmission related to agriculture which may improve the efficiency in farm production and automated level notably.

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