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Big Data Privacy Challenges and Techniques

IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Advances in Computing Applications
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NCACA 2016 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2016
Nitin Kumar Agrawal
Aprna Tripathi

Nitin Kumar Agrawal and Aprna Tripathi. Article: Big Data Privacy Challenges and Techniques. IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Advances in Computing Applications NCACA 2016(1):17-21, September 2016. Full text available. BibTeX

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Big Data deals with a diverse and vary large set of data that includes images, video, audio, structured, unstructured as well as semistructured data. Big Data is getting bigger day by day because of voluminous amount of data that is being collected, processed and stored. It has created new challenges to preserve privacy and hence we have many privacy challenges and privacy techniques to deal with in Big Data era. There is always a potential risk to privacy in Big Data and as data is everywhere, privacy risk moves with data all the way. There are privacy requirements in Big Data and these needs to be handled very carefully otherwise risk associated with it will definitely increase.


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